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Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000
Snowplus clic 5000

Snowplus Clic 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape - Box of 5

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Snowplus Clic 5000 - Disposable Vape with Innovative Features

Vape UK Hub presents Snowplus Clic 5000, a new disposable vape with innovative features and improved technology to boost puff count. With a generous e-liquid volume and robust rechargeable battery, this vape device ensures an extended and delightful vaping experience. Moreover, Clic 5000 is a perfect blend of carefully sourced quality ingredients and futuristic features that deliver smooth, rich, and delightful puffs.  

Key features of Snowplus Clic 5000  

  • Dimensions: 94 x 27 x 27mm

  • Max. 5000 puffs 

  • 500mAh Rechargeable Battery

  • Type-C charging

  • Power Output: 12W

  • 12ml E-liquid Capacity (2ml pod chamber + 10ml container)

  • Mesh Coil

  • Draw Activation

  • TDP Compliant 

  • User-friendly Design

  • Comprehensive Anti-leak Solutions

  • Stainless Steel Frame

Price of Snowplus Clic 5000 at Vape UK Hub 

At Vape UK Hub, we're all about giving you the best vaping experience without making a dent in your budget. Therefore, the price of our Clic 5000 puffs is just right, so it offers fantastic value for what you spend. 

  • Snowplus Clic 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape - Box Of 5 £33.99

Snowplus Clic 5000 flavours  

This incredible disposable vape comes with a variety of rich flavours. This range includes delightful flavours, such as: 

  • Blue Lemon Razz

  • Bull Ice

  • Blueberry Raspberry

  • Cherry Cola

  • Cherry Cranberry

  • Fizzy Cherry

  • Kiwi Passionfruit

  • Lemon Lime

  • Mango Strawberry

  • Mixed Berries

  • Pineapple Ice

  • Pink Lemonade

  • Strawberry Kiwi

  • Raspberry Watermelon

  • Strawberry Raspberry

  • Strawberry Watermelon

Snowplus Clic 5000 Disposable: A Vape with Innovative Features 

The amazing Clic 5000 has a 2ml e-liquid pod with a 0.9ohm mesh coil and a separate 10ml refill container. This refill container does not contain any mesh coil, but it merely fills up the 2ml device pod. So, there is enough e-liquid to produce 5000+ puffs. This vape device also has a 500mAh built-in battery that you can recharge to provide long vaping sessions. Another amazing feature of this vape is the presence of a Type-C charging port at the base of the device for fast charging.  

Furthermore, Snowplus 5000 is a draw-activated disposable vape, which enables new vapers to use it easily. No buttons or complicated interface, along with a comprehensive anti-leak design, make it a user-friendly and mess-free disposable vape. Additionally, this vape's advanced mesh coil system and maximum power output of 12 watts provide delightful flavours with smooth and consistent puffs.   

This device has a multi-layered anti-leakage maze-like structure that reduces oil leakage and condensation of vapours. As a result, this mechanism saves up e-liquid for the production of thick puffs compared to the traditional mesh coil design.  

There is more; this disposable vape is made of a metallic case and has a stunning design that also offers users a comfortable and unique experience. This compact disposable vape is perfect for vapers who like to vape while travelling, as it fits easily in the palm, purse or pocket.  

So, Order Snowplus Clic 5000 NOW from Vape UK Hub and enjoy its futuristic features!

How to use Clic 5000? 

Clic 5000 disposable vape device is very easy to use. Therefore, follow these simple steps:

  • After taking it out of the packaging, remove the silicone mouthpiece from the device and a small rubber stopper from the base of the 10ml refill container.

  • Place the refill container with the cut-out section of the device and push it to fix. 

Why choose Vape UK Hub?

Consider Vape UK Hub for your vaping needs because we ensure authenticity and quality with every purchase, testing all products before delivery. Our prices are competitive, and we offer great value. Moreover, our round-the-clock customer support ensures a seamless experience, as customer satisfaction is our priority. 

Trust Vape UK Hub for genuine products, quality, value, and reliable service. Order NOW! 


What is the lifespan of Clic 5000?

The lifespan of a disposable vape depends on how frequently you use it and also on how long your draws are. However, on average, this vape device delivers 5000+ puffs and provides longer vaping sessions. 

Is the battery of this device rechargeable?

Yes, you can recharge this device's built-in 500mAh battery. Additionally, it comes with a tType-C charging port for fast and convenient charging.  

How much e-liquid is present in Clic 5000?

The Snowplus 5000 puffs vape device comes with a prefilled 2ml pod as well as a 10ml refill container, so a total of 12ml e-liquid is present in this vape. In addition, this e-liquid is enough to deliver 5000 flavourful puffs.