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Elux Vape: A Symphony of Flavour and Vapour by Vape UK Hub

At Vape UK Hub, we proudly present the Elux Vape series, a collection that redefines the art of vaping. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavour and vapour with our meticulously crafted devices and tantalizing e-liquid options. From the iconic Elux Legend to the convenience of Elux Disposable Vape and the rich diversity of Elux Bar flavours, we invite you to explore a vaping experience like no other. Designed for ex-smokers, these disposable vaping kits provide MTL hits, catering to those seeking a familiar sensation. Each disposable device is equipped with essential elements, including QR codes, scratch codes, warning signs, and all mandatory markings and symbols, ensuring a secure and pleasurable user experience.

Elux Disposable Vape: Convenience Redefined

In the fast-paced rhythm of modern life, the Elux Disposable Vape emerges as the ultimate companion for those constantly on the move. Engineered with convenience at its core, this game-changing device provides an extraordinary 4500 puffs, redefining the expectations of longevity in disposable vapes. Its pre-filled design ensures a hassle-free experience from the very first moment you unwrap it, delivering an instant gateway to premium vaping pleasure.

Compact and portable, the Elux Disposable Vape embodies simplicity without compromise. Its user-friendly nature caters to vapers who appreciate the ease of use without sacrificing the quality of their vaping experience. With the Elux Disposable Vape in hand, embrace the freedom to enjoy rich flavours and satisfying clouds whenever, wherever –proof to the modern vaper's desire for unparalleled convenience without sacrificing the essence of indulgence.

Indulge in Elux Bar Flavours: A Medley of Choices

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous curation of each flavour, ensuring a palate-pleasing experience for every discerning vaper. Embark on a vaping journey inspired by old-fashioned indulgence with the help of classic tobacco's enduring charm.

For those craving an escape into the extraordinary, our exotic fruit blends indicate vibrant and nuanced profiles. From the tropical notes of passion fruit to the sweet embrace of juicy berries, each puff is a voyage into the heart of nature's bounty. The Elux Bar lineup is a celebration of complexity and balance, crafted to perfection for those who appreciate the artistry of flavour.

Indulge your senses in the richness of our diverse flavour portfolio, where refreshing menthol breezes merge with the comforting warmth of indulgent desserts. Whether you're a seasoned vaper with a refined palate or taking your first steps into the world of vaping, Elux Bar flavours are thoughtfully designed to cater to every taste preference.

In every inhalation, experience the peak of our dedication to providing a spectrum of choices that go beyond expectations. Raise your vaping standards with Elux Bar, where each flavour is a carefully crafted note in the tune of satisfaction, promising a delightful and unforgettable encounter with the world of premium vaping.

Elux Vaping Devices: A Spectrum of Puff Capacities and Innovative Designs

Elux offers a diverse range of vaping devices, each precisely fashioned to provide a unique and satisfying experience. Let's explore the distinctive features of some of the standout models in the Elux lineup: the Elux Legend 3500 Puffs, Elux Firerose EX4500 Puffs, Feela ENE/Elux 10000 Puffs, and Elux ENE Legend 4000 Puffs.

Elux Legend 3500 Puffs: A Pinnacle of Vaping Excellence

The Elux Legend 3500 Puffs stands as evidence of Elux's commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. With an impressive capacity of 3500 puffs, this device offers an extended vaping experience without compromising on performance. The sleek and ergonomic design of the Elux Legend ensures a comfortable grip, making it a stylish accessory for vapers who appreciate both form and function. Transition seamlessly between flavours and enjoy a smooth, flavourful journey with every inhalation. The Elux Legend goes beyond being a mere vaping device; it stands as a declaration of sophistication and unwavering reliability.

Elux Firerose EX4500 Puffs: Igniting the Passion for Vaping

For those seeking an intensified vaping experience, the Elux Firerose EX4500 Puffs is a true marvel. With its striking design and impressive puff capacity of 4500, this device caters to enthusiasts who crave bold flavours and robust clouds. The Firerose EX is a fusion of style and performance. Moreover, it allows users to indulge in the art of vaping with ease. Revel in the fiery embrace of this exceptional device as it elevates your senses and leaves a lasting impression with every exhale.

Feela ENE/Elux 10000 Puffs: Limitless Vaping Pleasure

The Feela ENE/Elux 10000 Puffs is a powerhouse in the world of disposable vaping devices. This feature also boasts an extraordinary capacity of 10000 puffs. This device is engineered for those who desire an extended and uninterrupted vaping experience. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or someone transitioning from traditional smoking, the Feela ENE 10000 promises a journey into the world of diverse and satisfying flavours. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended use. Therefore, this makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate convenience without compromising on quality.

Elux ENE Legend 4000 Puffs: Where Innovation Meets Performance

The ENE Legend 4000 Puffs is a perfect blend of innovation and performance. With a puff capacity of 4000, this device caters to the discerning vaper who values efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the sleek and modern design of the ENE Legend is complemented by its advanced features. Therefore, it ensures a seamless vaping experience. Explore a world of rich flavours and enjoy the convenience of a device. These features are also designed to enhance every aspect of your vaping journey. The ENE Legend represents a harmonious fusion of technology and taste.

Why Choose Elux Vape by Vape UK Hub?

At Vape UK Hub, we take pride in offering more than just products; we offer an experience. The Elux Vape series is the result of our dedication to quality and performance. These features also satisfy our customers. Crafted with precision, our devices address the varied requirements of the vaping community. Moreover, offering options tailored for both beginners and enthusiasts.

Elux Vape by Vape UK Hub: A Symphony of Excellence in Vaping

Elux Vape by Vape UK Hub is not just a brand; it's a commitment to excellence in the world of vaping. The iconic Elux Legend delivers a remarkable 3500 puffs for a lasting vaping experience. Moreover, enjoy the convenience of the Elux Disposable Vape, which provides 4500 puffs for extended use. Elux vape also offers intense vaping with devices like Elux Firerose EX and Elux ENE Legend. Consequently, upgrading your level of enjoyment. 

So, savour the luxury of Elux Bar flavours and enhance your vaping experience with devices. These devices also epitomize a flawless fusion of style and essence. Welcome to a world where every puff is a celebration – welcome to Elux Vape by Vape UK Hub.


  1. What sets Elux Vape apart from other brands in the market?

    Elux Vape distinguishes itself through a commitment to excellence. Moreover, it offers unparalleled vaping experiences with innovative devices and a diverse range of premium flavours.
  2. Which Elux Vape device is best suited for beginners?

    For beginners, Elux Vape recommends user-friendly options within our collection. Moreover, it balances simplicity with a satisfying vaping experience. Explore our lineup to find the flawless fit.
  3. How long does the Elux Disposable Vape last, and how many puffs does it provide?

    The Elux Disposable Vape ensures extended usage with an impressive 4500 puffs. Therefore, this provides users with convenience and longevity without compromising on taste.
  4. Can I explore a variety of flavours with Elux Bar, and are they compatible with all Elux Vape devices?

    Yes, Elux Bar offers a diverse range of flavours. Moreover, they are compatible with all Elux Vape devices. Therefore, this allows users to enjoy a variety of tastes seamlessly.