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Find Your Favourite Crystal Prime 7000 Flavours in the List

  • by Zaheer Abbas
crystal prime 7000

Introduce the Crystal Prime 7000

The Crystal Prime 7000 is an innovative vape device tailored to meet the requirements and demands of the most discerning vaper, demanding both performance and convenience. It produces over 7000 puffs. Moreover, it provides an experience that always runs smoothly but goes much beyond many of its competitors. Its draw-activated mechanism offers a seamless user experience with the elimination of buttons to enhance its ease of use. At the heart of the Crystal Prime 7000 is a mesh coil system with a configuration of 1.2ohm. 

Embedded with a 600mAh inboard battery, the Crystal Prime 7000 is long-lasting. Fast charging through a Type-C port ensures users will only be living with a bit of downtime in case their device runs out of charge. Additionally, its portable design makes this vape easily carried anywhere and used on the go. The stunning crystal 3D effect in several colours adds to its appeal beyond the use of the vape—an added accessory to style. Known for superior flavour and vapour production, this vape device ensures rich, fuller puffs at every draw to maximize the enjoyment of every flavour. Let’s have a look at Crystal Prime 7000 flavours:

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi is a classic marriage of sweet, juiced strawberry with refreshing, tart kiwi. Any user will love this flavour profile since it welcomes everybody who tastes the shake between sweet and tart, the strawberry offset by a tart kiwi. Every single drag is packed with fruity goodness. As a result, it leaves users satisfied and invigorated. The mesh coil system of the Crystal Prime 7000 is designed to pick up every note for the most precise delivery.

Rainbow Candy

If you have a sweet tooth, Rainbow Candy may be one you will love. This flavour really does possess the essence of all your childhood candies. However, it is lumped together in a complex yet balanced mix of sweet and fruity notes. Vaping Rainbow Candy with the Crystal Prime 7000 feels like indulging in a bunch of colourful, sugary goodies; with every puff, there comes a new wave of nostalgia and enjoyment. First and foremost are cutting-edge mesh coil systems that ensure every nuance of this complex flavour is experienced to the fullest.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

The strawberry-raspberry cherry ice blend is an excellent and refreshing concoction that whisks one through a berry orchard. It is within the strawberries and raspberries themselves, saccharine sweetness without fault, counteracting the tart of the cherries, all rounded out with an excellent menthol finish. Hence, this is ideal for a hot day when something refreshing yet full of flavour is needed. The mesh coil system ensures each draw in the Crystal Prime 7000 is a smooth blend of berries with a hint of icy coolness within.

RedBull Strawberry

RedBull Strawberry is a one-of-a-kind blend of the familiar energy drink flavour of an epoch with sweet and luscious ripe strawberries for taste. With a flavour that provides the perfect boost, it will give real oomph to your vaping session. The bold, tart flavour of RedBull assists the sweetness of the strawberries with a spirited and refreshing twist. Similarly, every puff delivers a charge of energy and flavour through the Crystal Prime 7000.

Raspberry Mint

Raspberry Mint is refreshing and invigorating to vape. The tartness of fresh ripe raspberries is spectacularly mixed against something cool, crisp, and refreshing in its flavour profile, which mint injected. This makes the combination perfect for those who prefer their fruity vapes in a way that leaves them refreshed afterwards. The mesh coil system ensures a precise and intense representation of both raspberry and mint in each puff of the Crystal Prime 7000.

Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime is a classic flavour that offers both tangy and refreshing vaping. The sourness of lemon balances out to perfection with the crispiness of lime to form a flavour that is refreshing and pleasurable all at once. This blend makes for the perfect combination for those who want a vape that has a hint of citrus, sweetness, and tartness. Our Crystal Prime 7000 mesh coil system captures the bright, vibrant notes of both fruits for a refreshing and lively vape.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

As a rather complex and rich blend of three highly distinct berry flavours, the sweetness of blueberries, the tartness of cherries, and an off-sour taste of cranberries come together to create an exceptional flavour profile that is truly harmonious and full of flavour. This will be perfect for those who enjoy a berry medley that is a mix of both sweet and tangy tastes. With its advanced mesh coil system, it ensures a puff exploding with berry goodness in every vape, in which every fruit flavour comes through distinctly.

Cherry Watermelon

This flavour brings two summertime favourites together into one great blend. Furthermore, this sweet and juicy taste is matched by the rich and tangy taste of the cherry. This flavour is perfect for anyone who likes refreshing and fruity flavours in their vapes—a sweet but satisfying vape. The Crystal Prime 7000 reiterates the taste of each fruit in these slight flavours. Thus, it allows an enthusiast to experience flavorful and tasteful vaping with every drag.

Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear is one of those fun, nostalgic flavours that instantly takes one back to being a kid slurping down those colourful, squishy gummies. As sweet as it is fruity, this treat is playful and satisfying. Each puff tastes like your favourite gummy bears with mixed fruity flavours. The flavour provides a relatively smooth and consistent vape that satisfies and is nostalgic for some.

Fizzy Cherry

Offering something a bit different, Fizzy Cherry combines sweet, tart cherries full of flavour with a lively, fizzing, soda-like finish. This e-juice flavour works wonders if you love something revitalizing with a carbonate feature. However, it brings sweetness and tartness into each puff. It enhances, as expected, the supposed smooth nature of vaping. The Crystal Prime 7000 captures a unique cherry flavour through its mesh coil system. Similarly, it provides a burst of cherry goodness with a fizzy finish.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba has a really bold and intense flavour, rich in dark fruits and mystery. Looking out for a taste that is profound sweet, yet with a touch of tanginess? Dark berries come together to give a rich, flavorful vape experience that is as pleasing as it is intriguing. Hence, the advanced mesh coil system ensures each drag on the Crystal Prime 7000 gives one smooth, intense flavour.

Blue Sour Raspberry

This is a lively, snappy flavour that marries sweetness to a sour finish. This e-juice offers a bold and tart experience with a flawless blend of sweetness and sourness, ideal for vaping enthusiasts. The sour notes add an extra layer of excitement to the flavour profile. The Crystal Prime 7000 offers a unique blue raspberry flavour with a tart finish in every puff.

Final Thoughts

The Crystal Prime 7000 flavours are the most unique in vaping. It combines both innovative design and exceptional performance with a diversity of flavours. It makes this tool outstanding in the market. Refreshing and fruity, right through to bold and intense—anything is possible with the Crystal Prime 7000. Take your vaping journey to new heights with the Crystal Prime 7000 Flavours, and discover your favourite tastes now.